Kevin A. Mcleod, Lessons of the Game, Football, Manual

         Former NFL player turned author Kevin Mcleod’s very unique and interesting book. His book is entitled “Lessons of the Game.” Kevin’s book is truly unique because of his approach on writing this masterpiece. Most retired players write autobiographies. Kevin’s book is about the journey from little leagues all the way to the NFL. He discusses in descriptive detail the accounts and events most players will encounter while on this journey to the pros. Kevin describes the behind the scenes events that take place in college and professional football. He enlightens the general public on the business side of college and professional football. He also gives his theories as to why certain events continue to plague the NFL and it’s players. Kevin covers close to 100 topics of important things aspiring ball players as well as football fans should know.


         As we all know, Colin Kapernick as well as Antonio Brown has been the center of discussion for football fans throughout the country. Kevin gives a very detailed explanation as to why certain players as well as NFL owners display certain erratic behaviors. Some of the topics Kevin discusses in the book are the issues of entitlement, blackballed, college players receiving compensation, psychological transformation of football players, scheduling of NFL training camps, NFL contracts, just to name a few. His book is a useful manual for inspiring players and parents who would like to know what it takes for they’re sons to make it to the pinnacle of professional football. His book is truly one-of-a-kind.