Insightful is a good word that describes this book. Good information, well thougthout writing. A class act. I recommend this book to all who are interested in learning about football.

 -Steve Wallace  (San Fransico 49ers /Kansas City Chiefs) 12 year NFL Veteran...3x All-Pro...3x Superbowl Champion

 I appreciate your viewpoint/insight with regards to football life. Very  informative and thoughts well spelled out. Up and coming athletes will benefit tremendously from your shared experience. A must read!! -Tyoka Jackson (Tampa Bay Bucaneers/St Louis Rams) 12 year NFL veteran

Wow!!!! A awesome book that every  player needs to read. I wish someone wrote a book like this when I was playing. Good job Kev.

 -Rabih Abdullah (Tampa Bay Bucaneers/Chicago Bears) 7 year NFL veteran

You hit the nail on the head with this one bro.  Truthful! Congratulations brother.

 -Demarcus Curry (Tampa Bay Bucaneers) 3 year NFL veteran

Kevin has done an awesome job with this book. He's outline what it takes to get to the next level and what you must do to maintain that the next level. Not only does he give you that but he give you the insights of the business of what goes on behind closed doors things that most readers will never know about unless they read this book. This is an absolutely must read for anyone that's a fan of the game of football.

 -James Cannida (Tampa 1998-2001. Indianapolis Colts 2002-2003) Dallas Desperados 2004-2007 (Arena League)

Kevin paints a  true to life, indepth picture of what a football player experiences from youth ball to the pros. A Must Read!!!

-Willie Whitehead Jr. (New Orleans Saints) 8 year NFL veteran

Pretty good book "Deebo" aka Kevin Mcleod! Very accurate information, you should do well. Player's old and young should read this book.

 -Fred Beasley (San Fransico 49ers) 9 year NFL veteran

Your book was truly amazing, refreshing and from the real life world of a professional football player's life from jr high to high school to college and to and through the League.

I also felt that you did a great and accurate job in describing each and all of the transitions in each stage from the beginning stages to the very end which is the process of playing and making it in the NFL!

It was extremely refreshing and enjoyable to read true accounts of how a professional football player's life starts and evolve all the way to the mountain top of playing in the League to being a member of this elite fraternity.

Once again great and exceptional job. I pray it's God's will this book will reach and touch many other hearts as it has reached and touched my heart!

May God bless you and this book my brother!

 -Edward King (Cleveland Browns) 6 year NFL veteran

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